Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Josh Hutcherson In His Blue Boxer Briefs

Good intentions.

causes a deep sense of discomfort begin a new year without a good purpose. Yet 2011 has started and I sat brooding on why and for no good intention as he peeped out of my thoughts, my feelings.

long as often happens to me, a dream has shed light, I would say clarity around this thing: the dream girl for me, with my high school friends, has caused a boost, a spark, and that is that the heart is made again and pissed that my good intentions for this year, he carried out his epiphany: pay more attention to interpersonal relationships, to people who are close to my heart. There

to assure that this family is the one who nicknamed 'The Hound' does not sound so obvious, so obvious as it seems.

So this new year will be dedicated to friendship, to preserve this concept more and more endangered: because it is right, because it is rewarding because it makes us happy and as many times as love, ... because he deserves it!

Happy New Year to all: D


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